Wednesday, November 27, 2013


So my cousin and his friends put together this nostalgic post about being from the Detroit suburbs earlier this year. And it got me thinking about what it means to be from Thornhill.

1. You know someone who was cousins with one of these guys:

2. And THANKED GOD when this opened, so you didn’t have to go all the way to Elgin Mills anymore:

3. You had your sixth birthday party here:

4. Your seventh here:

5. And still eat one of these on special occasions:

6. And you also have vague memories of birthday parties at a strange, amazing place called The Mad Hatter:

7. You were on the Richmond Hill GO train the day this happened:

8. It's THORNHILL, NOT Markham or Vaughan:

And if you're REALLY hardcore, you might not even count this neighbourhood:

9. You sometimes used to say you were from Toronto, until this happened:

10. But you did start calling it T-Dot as soon as this guy told you to Get Ready:

11. You get your spicy salmon here:

12. Jerusalem toast here:

13. Take your Bubby here:

14. LOVE the party sandwiches from here:

15. And devour the smoked meat here:

16. This was the first mall you loved:

17. You got your ears pierced here:

And bought your BFF one of these:

18. But then this store opened:
And it was a REALLY big deal.

19. So now you go here:

20. To shop here:

21. And ahhh the 14A movies you snuck into (sigh):

22. Every school field trip was to this place:

23. But you WISHED it was here:

24. Speaking of which, you liked it better when it was owned by Paramount, because:

25. Is really called:

26. You’ve cried over more game 7's than anything else since the day you were born:

27. And don’t know what a "Rogers Centre" is:

28. Whenever you were in the States, people asked if you went to:

29. And were best friends with this guy:
You weren't though, 'cuz he’s from FOREST Hill.

30. You learnt to ski here:

31. And knew Hunter’s Point had the best hill for tobogganing on snow days:

32. You skated at Mill Pond:

33. And have experienced this adorable nuisance:

When driving past this pond:

34. You still have this jersey tucked away somewhere:

35. These two taught you to dance:

36. And you learnt to swim here:

37. You went to a bat mitzvah or two here:

38. With these guys:

39. When you’re back in town, you like to go here:

40. Unless you were one of those kids who went here:

41. Half your friends went here:

42. And the other half went here:

43. But for some reason your parents sent you here:

44. You bowled your first strike here:
And know exactly what happened at the massage parlour next door…

45. You learnt to shoot here:

46. To putt here:

47. You'd kill for a burger from here:

48. And do boys' night here:

49. And sadly can't deny this is your date night go-to (isn't it everyone's?):

50. You’re always gonna call it York Central:

51. You kiss and ride to get downtown:

52. And finally, you thought high school would be exactly like this:

Or this:

But really, it looked just like this.
Plus you had to share your locker.

There it is, my Thornhill. What's yours?